Our services


We offer high-end recording services for bands and artists in all musical genres both on-location and in-studio. Our setup can handle a total of 24 inputs at the same time and individual monitor mixes for each performer. 


We mix music recorded here as well as music recorded other places. Our goal is to get your music to shine and we’ll work closely together with you throughout the process to ensure the final mix sounds awesome.


We offer mastering for singles, EPs and full length albums. If you intent to release your music to e.g. both vinyl and streaming, we offer to produce separate master versions optimized for each medium at no additional cost.

Video / live-session

When recording in our studio it is also possible to have your session filmed and edited in 4k.

Sound design

We create custom tailored music and sound designs for brands and products and help ensure compliance with relevant standards, e.g.
ISO/IEC 60601-1-8 similar.

Music for your project

We compose and produce music for commercials, film, theater, video etc. to match your specific needs.