About us

Today Aarhus Lydstudie is a cozy studio filled with high-end gear, microphones and instruments of all sorts. The studio is located in the home of producer and musician Asger Christensen.

Aarhus Lydstudie was founded back in 2007 by Asger Christensen. In 2008 we opened the doors for our Studio A with 140 m2 commercial studio space in Jægergårdsgade 152 in the center of Aarhus C. In 2012 Studio B opened enabling us to work on two productions at the same time.

Throughout the periode from 2008 to 2014 we recorded, mixed and/or mastered more than 300+ Danish and international bands and artists as well as 60+ corporate clients.

At the end of 2014 we sold our commercial recording space to focus on other aspects of life. This started a long period with limited studio activity – though a few albums and music for short films where produced in the studio. Late 2022 the time felt right, and we started recording, mixing and mastering bands and artists again.